We are creative by Nature

This last weekend I gathered with 13 women to share my ideas around creativity, we visioned, we weaved our ideas, images, longings, and desires into vision boards…


My understanding as a coach and yogi is that the very fabric of who we are is creative, our bodies are city of cells, a community of particles continually creating the human spacesuit and all its miracles.

Also our mind is creative, full of images, visions, concepts, ideas, this is where all discoveries are made. Creative mind is also collective, mind is one, I mean where do your ideas come from? Your thoughts? Where do they live? I feel they live in the collective pool of creation herself. We tap into this infinite pool, and depending on our interest, on our facet of focus, that is what pours forth.

Buddha said- “What we think becomes our reality- our truth, this then creates our words, our action, our behaviour and finally builds our character, and reality.

I notice us humans don’t always recognise our creative potential, that we can co create, that where our energy flows is where our focus goes, and what we put our focus on grows.

Most of us take our history as proof of the future, and we can learn from the past but why we think because we had negative experiences in the past, they will continue to appear in the future, in every moment we can choose how we respond to life.

So creativity… Creating the life your heart secretly longs for, what are the components?

As a coach I see there are two ways to create, one is masculine – setting goals, and driving through the obstacles with dogged determination, and never giving up until the outcome is achieved.

One is feminine, opening to what could be, gently leaning towards an outcome, going deep within, planting the seed and then letting go completely, almost forgetting the desire and trusting tat what we ask for is given.

I have worked with both of these approaches, and both work. I do love the effortless feminine approach, I will mediate and ask, then at some point the desire arrives.

I also feel the goal orientated approach on a daily basis get stuff done.

First we go deep into relaxation, meditation, then the ideas longings arise, then with heard and mind focused we ask, we plant the ideas as a positive statement of truth, with faith, not needing to know the HOW, then let go. I also feel we must go in the direction of the longing. For example, I wish to get fit. Well I plant the seed in my imagination, I also need to take some action, like go for a walk, hire a trainer.

What if we could consciously choose which approach might work in any circumstance?

In all the scriptures, the premise is, In the beginning there was God the word. When it comes to creation, what and how we talk about our desires is so powerful. The mouth and tongue are a tremendously potent place, most of our language is unconscious, we speak our beliefs as truth. So finally I invite you today to bring awareness to your longings, secretly what do you truly long for? How could you begin to bring this longing into the light of consciousness? Can you begin to speak of it?