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BE Connected  BE supported   Feel the Love.

This is my first blog although my newsletters are pretty bloggy, I bravely share my life experience openly. I always struggle with how much I could share as I guess being a teacher and coach it’s assumed, by who I don’t know that I might be through all the grist and have the perfect life. In many ways I do, and I also experience tough days too, this I mostly put down to hormones! I can literally feel them kicking in at certain times in my monthly cycle, almost as though I’m being injected with a deadly serum which in turn makes my body ache and brings on a two day headache, where I vomit and life has to stop, It is an enforced  stop and in those moments, I listen continually for those 48 hours to the spiritual greats out there in the ether  (Byron Katie, Gangaji, Tara Brach). Sometimes their words soak into my unconscious and sometimes I listen. Feel as though this is a soul time for me to BE for ME. No choice in the matter. Unfortunately it can cause chaos with my working life being self employed and having to stop everything. The body doesn’t care about what others need, when it has to stop, it does.  I know these times are potent, I learn so much by osmosis and re awaken ready again… Appreciating my pain free head, and strong painless body. I do struggle as a single Mama, with balancing home, working on many projects, and keeping it all together. I accept more and more that the simple things matter the most. Like having a mind that’s happy and a HEART that’s full.

I have all sorts of exciting things in the pipeline, one of them being working in schools, it seems the government have placed in their policies a need for mindfulness in schools and in the NHS, exciting stuff, this is a project I may be bringing to Primary schools, important to me is to develop heartfulness, as well as mindfulness – I feel they come hand in hand and this is what each human needs to experience, as a sensation, of full embodied vitality.

When I work with a client it’s so easy for us to get into the headstuff, I do know there is relevance for this and I also feel we can bypass a lot of analysing and begin to live alive now. I practise dropping my energy down from thought and placing my awareness into my heart centre or into my pelvis. Working with this energy and breathing it in and loving it out is so powerful. It’s quite astonishing what then arises to be healed.

The heart is a brain, the Kingdom of heaven was said to be in the heart, hearts radiant electro magnetic field far outweighs the brains field. Heart has the same cells as the brains empathy cells, and some scientists believe, that first heart picks up relevant information about the world and then the brain interprets it.

I believe we are transiting into a heart centred world, where our sensory systems will be heightened and we’ll once again connect more to our intuition and sensual subtle world. To bring the right brain into balance with the left, this is done through meditation and connecting to the heart.

Coming back down to earth, for now I practise dropping my awareness into my body and breathing into every part of me, as soon as I do I enter this moment fully. I am then available fully. I invite you to try it.


Loving you.

Anna. The Conscious Coach. x

P.S If you haven’t yet seen the Ted talk by Jill Bolte on the power of a Stroke on her brain check it out.